This is a sample page. A page differs from a post in that a page is a post with permanent content, which - in most templates - is in a permanent place in the navigation section of the website. Most people start with an Introduction page that introduces them or their business to website visitors. An Introduction page might be something like this:

Greetings to the Readers! I'm a pizza delivery boy on a bike by day and an aspiring actor-apprentice by night, and this is my website.
I live in Budapest and have a wonderful German Shepherd dog called Velorex. My favorite cocktail is the Piña Colada, but I also love the Mojito. (But, the real drink: a velvety red wine.)

...or something else entirely:

The XYZ Bigyó Company was founded in 1971 and has been producing the highest quality bigyó ever since. Headquartered in Budapest, the company employs over 2000 people and is actively involved in a number of community and charitable programmes.

As a new WordPress user Control panel to delete this page and create a new page for your content. Have fun!