Stroller seat insert, interchangeable seat insert

We recommend our universal seat inserts for the sports section of your stroller!

Universal seat inserts for the sports section of the stroller.

We make two types of universal seat inserts:
The very popular 2 in 1 seat insert, which can be used all year round thanks to its practicality.

From one side made from a quality terry fabric for summer and warmer days antiperspirant effect is the perfect companion for our pram and our baby. The material of the strollers is made of almost 100 % polyester, plastic - we know this very well because we also make stroller covers - there is nothing wrong with that, so it will be durable, but not a very baby-friendly material, especially when your baby sweats in it.

The terry side of our universal seat insert in summer or in the warmer days, it provides a pleasant sensation when in direct contact with the baby's skin, does not rub off, if you sweat and not triggered allergic symptoms, thanks to its material.

The said seat insert other side is made of micro-polar material, which is 100% polyester, so very warmly can hold our baby's body.

You may have jumped when you heard the word polyester, but don't be alarmed, it's a popular and much-used product in the textile industry, and when used properly, it can be the advantages of the, such as this seat insert.

We have taken into account in the manufacturing process that it will never come into direct contact with the baby's skin, because used in winter or on colder days mums when the baby is dressed. Under these conditions of use, the micropolar is a very warm and soft will give our child a feeling of.

Our meeting inserts another type, which for colourful sitter we call you for your cheerful colours, are fully identical differ in form and technical design from the above 2-in-1 with seat inserts, only in the use of materials.

100% cotton canvas are made of a material that does not irritate the baby's skin.

If you're looking for a bit of fun and organic cotton, this is the one for you 🙂

Universal seat inserts are perfect for all sports strollerwhich can be dismantled and pulled over the bib.

If you are one of the few (about 5%) stroller owners who can't get the shoulder section to come apart on your stroller, contact us and we prepare like the back so you can use it too 🙂

Choose any of our seat inserts, and you'll get a product made with care and attention that by Hungarian hands, made with heart and soul.

If you have any further questions, contact us on one of our contact numbers and we will respond extra quickly:)

We recommend 3D seat inserts for strollers, baby carriers, baby car seats and high chairs!

3D universal colour seat inserts for the in the sports section of pushchairs, baby carriers and car seats can be used equally MINDEN type.

It was important to highlight that MINDEN as it can be easily installed in prams, carriers or car seats, where the shoulder belt cannot be dismantled, so that it cannot be threaded through the traditional horizontally cut seat inserts.

Thanks to the thickness of the seat insert, it provides a comfortable and soft feeling for your baby. Thanks to this thickness, it is slightly also narrows it down the stroller seat, baby carrier, or car seat, thus provide support for our babies in our larger-sized devices.

If you choose this seat insert, you can narrow the stroller seat, carrier or car seat, the space will be smaller and for an older, bigger baby not will be comfortable.

When buying, it is important to consider that 2 cm compressed thickness of the seat cushion, so this place we will lose, or let's winas a soft support for our dross.

We also heartily recommend this type of seat insert also in feeding chairs, especially when you are still the baby is tiny and would you like to join in the chair because he cannot sit stably. The 3D seat insert holds very well both the head and the body.

Made of baby-friendly materials, in our sewing room in Hungary we put our heart and soul into all our products.

If you have any further questions about the product, please feel free to contact us at one of our contact numbers!

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