Stroller hand warmers

Stroller hand warmers, hand warmers

Hand warmers for pushchair push handle

By Sophietex developed and manufactured stroller hand warmers, once again combining quality with practicality, of course, we think it's all very cool finish 🙂

All hand warmers water-repellent material so mum doesn't have to worry if it rains or snows.

Have you heard about this latest practical solution?

At the bottom of the hand warmer two openings have been created - of course so that cold air cannot get in - , on which you can attach the strap of a wheelchair bag or changing bag so you can comfortably use these products together.

We have seen many times on strollers that when hand warmer is on the stroller, it no room for a bag, pushed to one side etc. We wanted to help with this, so we created the the most superb ever Sophietex hand warmer.

Even beyond these...

It is worth noting, among other things, that the outer waterproof material after, received a 2 cm of cotton wool lining, and inside, a soft, fluffy micro-polar material for sewing in, which will make you feel extra warm even on the coldest days.

On the sliding arm after fixing the hand warmer, can stay always in the stroller, you don't have to take it off and put it on every day. It will fit perfectly, and our hands lightly we'll be able to get out of it, unlike gloves.

In our webshop you can a matching fur bag to choose from for an even more unique look. Check them out here!

All Sophietex products are made with the utmost care and is made with a lot of love!

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