Our history and our future

After the foundation in 2016, we dared to take over Sophietex in the most uncertain years. Full of ideas, ambition and endless energy. With great visions and plans, we started to develop the company, to dream up its products and to make every detail perfect for us.

With that said, our real dream and desire was to one day work and succeed in business as a family and together. I am happy and proud to say that we have achieved this goal. With this we are confident that we are creating a future as a family asset for our child, who at the age of 5 is now in a position of being a product designer and dream maker.

We are proud of the skills and values of our staff, who we take responsibility for and treat as one big family in our daily work and challenges. We select our ever-expanding team with this in mind.

Our philosophy is to create value and the world will be open to it! Perhaps that's why we've had interest in our products from Australia to the United States.

There are many things we keep in mind when manufacturing and selling, but two things are the most important to US! Quality and customer care.

To be at the forefront of quality..

All our textile products are made with heart and soul in our own sewing room in Hungary.

I'm sure it will sound clichéd, but quality really is the most important thing for us.

When developing products, we always think, if I were a buying Mum and saw the finished product, would I buy it?

We pay a lot of attention to premium ingredients, that's the soul of everything. Beautiful, quality materials, beautiful realisation, that's Sophietex!

Whatever you choose from us, one thing is for sure, it will be made with the utmost love.

Customer satisfaction really is the most important thing for us...

No one is perfect they used to say...

Of course, we also sometimes send out faulty products to the customer, because they are made by humans, but even with the greatest care, mistakes can happen ,everyone can have a bad day or simply not realise they have made a mistake.

The most important thing is how we handle the complaint or claim we receive, how quickly we arrange the replacement or repair. Overall, what the customer's experience of Sophietex's attitude is.

Because yes, a negative start can end in satisfaction and happiness. At Sophietex, that's what we strive for. Quickly and accurately correct our mistakes and have only happy customers!

Take a look at our range or contact us by phone: +36-20-484-2407


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