Fur bags for baby carriers and pushchairs

Fur bags, footbags

Bags for 0-6 months, for baby carriers and stroller bassinet.

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The creation of Sophietex fur bags the main aspect was in addition to the quality that in real life Mums can use our products easily, seasonally and practically.

As a practising parent we know what these practices are - at least, that have made or could have made our lives easier - which are important to take into account in production.

For example, one of the such aspect was in the design of our small-sized fur bag, suitable for use from newborn to 6 months, to be able to zip the front.

It often happens that we go for a walk, or run an errand with a pram and our child falls asleep in it, when we arrive at the venue, or when we just want to go home, or when we want to go shopping and get out to the shops, but our baby is still sleeping the dream of the real thing.

Then comes the puzzle of how to get it out of the trolley or carrier, because, after all. should be disrobed, so it's not too hot, but I really don't want to wake you up.

The Sophietex baby carrier/baby moses are designed to make it a snap to downloadable from the front panel and we can go now to get our business done.

The second main consideration in the design of the production was that it could be attached to the carrier or pram in a few simple movements and really To suit ALL types.

As a first-time mum, you're not always aware of it, the design of the carrier and what product is compatible with it, and you can spend hours trying to understand how to fit the product you have bought into your pushchair, and if you make the wrong choice you can get annoyed 😊

We invented it and we made it. Our small fur bag is easy to make in just a few moves, really ALL can be attached to a carrier and stroller, -for which we also offer a guarantee.

The small fur bags are available in two versions. We'll make one for colder days in waterproof fabric with a polar lining and a spring-autumn version in 100% cotton for milder weather.

All our products, made from certified materials made with heart and soul in our sewing room in Hungary.

We hope that our descriptions will be of great help to mums-to-be and practising mums. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us at one of the following numbers we will respond very soon.

Large size fur bag for pram

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The Sophietex big size stroller fur bags Use is recommended from 6 months of age, depending of course on the size of the baby or when the sport is first used.

In the design two very important aspects we have taken into account the after quality. On the fur sacks is designed tothat you are guaranteed BARBILY pushchair type be fixable, and a thick and strong Velcro flap is attached to each sideto get even better we can fix in the pushchair, so there's the slightest chance excluded its, that slips off the bag of baboonsFrom the car.

The outer material of our fur bags, water repellent. Got another 3 cm thick lining made of vatelin, and a inner thick wellsoft materialfor the warmest feeling.

Our latest news, to the upper element (front) of the fur bag, can be fully unzipped, so it can also be used as a seat insert on autumn days when the bag would be too hot.

Head part of a can be converted into a hood by means of a zipto protect your baby's face from the wind and cold.

Available in beautiful colours in our online shop, some matching hand warmers you will also be able to choose for a more unique look.

All Sophietex products are quality products! #Hungarian product

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