Baby shower gift, baby shower gift, gift for babies

Baby shower gift

Baby shower Gift

..Baby born in your Family, Friends?

..You want to surprise the new parents with a memorable, tasteful and special gift

...Think you can make The Moment really personal with a unique surprise?

... Looking for a dream baby gift?

...Do you want to greet the smallest member of your family with a personal message from the heart?

Yes... yes... yes... and yes!

Wonderful gift boxes filled with beautiful baby products made in Hungary by Sophietex (swaddles, crochet bunny, sliding arm bag, baby blanket, etc.) and of course lots of love. Our gift boxes are designed to make it easy for you to find the perfect item for you.

Looking for the perfect baby gift? Check us out!

Special packaging, Made with Love.

Baby shower Gift

Baby shower gift, baby gift

A baby shower gift box, made of premium quality Sophietex products, with a clean and unique packaging, so you only have to worry about the delivery.

The box will be sent out ready for delivery, neatly packaged, with interior decoration and a drawstring tie, or you can request that it be sent directly to the recipient if you prefer.

Creative, clean gift packages for friends, family or colleagues. Besides the wonderful overall effect, they are also extremely practical and an unforgettable gift. One thing's for sure... it's the perfect baby shower favour for welcoming a newborn, baby shower, christening, Christmas or any other occasion.

Baby shower Gift

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