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An interesting read about the Babybear fantasy teddy bear swaddle/blanket, for those, who are curious what might be behind it!

The secret behind the teddy bear swaddling , by Lívia Juhász-Orbán in Sophietex owner!

How do I imagine, a cool baby bobble and how we will prepare to our own sewing room?

First of all it gave a super quality sherpa - or as others call it sheepskin- material and a wrinkled effect 100% cotton/duplages material (used to make cloth diapers), of which only it could turn out well 🙂

With us at Sophietex, many times it works developing a new product, to find a super materialthat I like and I start thinking about it, what kind of product could be made from it. Also from the teddy bear swaddling this was the case.

Long time I would have liked a baby bouncer, one that is cool yet practical. As a mother, I knew that only almost typical baby swaddles are available on the market (usually white, blanket material), so I wanted to make somethingwhich I also I would have liked to usewhen my child was small.

I would have liked to ears, legs, and an opportunity to we can take his hand out of the sling, if you want, not only next to you be able to lie down. Easily mums can use, even with one hand they can put their baby in it, and not a after several minutes of "wrapping" be used. Important was also for me that protect your little head from the wind, ha stroller I would also like to use.

The baby bear swaddle by sophietex is like this!  Sleek, premium, easy to use and practical!

It was also difficult in the swaddling category, because we could call it either also as a blanket, small dress or overalls because it is not the a "typical" swaddle is probably the closest in looks, but it's much more than that.

I thought it was important to write all this down because when I was a mother of a first child, I always missed the such information or assistance.

In a word, I think it's become a very cool product, and the I recommend with the greatest affection for all mums or mums-to-be

SunnyBear breeze blanket and Babybear baby swaddle/blanket

 Newborn swaddle & blanket description for those who want to get to the point 🙂

SunnyBear teddy bear blanket/snack bag/blanket

The latest product in the teddy bear series.

A lovely looking, quality, breezy blanket that is perfect for sleeping in a cot, pushchair, or relaxing at the beach on warm days.

In the summer, it's just a diaper or under a bodysuit, and in spring or autumn it'll be your favourite baby product, complete with a pair of thin pants.

It's designed to be a loyal companion for mum through many sizes, without having to buy a new size every month.

You will love it, we are proud to recommend it to everyone!

Babybear if you are looking for real warmth for your baby!

The bear-eared swaddle consists of two layers, outer layer of a premium sherpa fabric or as many know it as sheepskin, very soft and comfortable to wear. A internal material, which is the in contact with baby's skin, of course 100% bio-cotton. 

All our material has with certification certificate. Very important for us to as a Hungarian manufacturer a high represent quality, to make products that for ourselves too You are welcome we would buy.

We recommend the product, in cot, cradle, baby nest or even for sleeping on the sofa, and for pushchairs equally.

Headgear thanks to the wind does not disturb the baby, feel free can be used in windier weather is.

Wing design thanks to, we can introduce the adjust tightness, and also we decidethat the put your hand down next to the baby or rather leave out. Both can be easily done, lower main body of thanks.

The baby bib comes in three sizes (XS, S, M):

  • Size XS/ 56
  • Size S/ 62
  • M-size/68

A smallest size recommended for premature babies also, the Velcro can be adjusted to make it narrower if you want to use it with a very tiny baby.

Very cute and practical baby products for all mums we recommend it with a good heart.

If any you have a question about the swaddle, please contact us on one of our contact details, we promise to be very we will respond quickly 🙂

Take a look at our range or contact us by phone: +36-20-484-2407