Baby blanket, baby blanket, baby blanket cover, baby blanket set,
milestone blanket

Baby blanket, baby blanket, milestone blanket

With the greatest of love we present to you the Sophietex Milestone Blanket. Start your baby's first year with our incredibly sweet blanket!

1. Encourage your baby's growth on the baby blanket - We know that babies grow in the blink of an eye! That's why our Milestone Quilt is the perfect way to capture baby's first year. It's safe to say that time flies by incredibly fast, which is why it's worth capturing these important moments so that you can look back on them later and make wonderful memories.

2. Cute design - Our monthly milestone quilt is designed in pastel colours and patterns that are close to our hearts, and will fit beautifully into any child's room, Everyday. Take a picture month by month and follow your Baby's growth.

3. Perfect Size -  Our blanket measures 100 cm x 100 cm or 100 cm X 70 cm, allowing you to take a comfortable photo of your child and if you want to share it with friends and family, you can easily upload the photo to your social networking sites, as the ideal size means it won't cut the edge of the picture. It's also great as a blanket, so you can wrap your child in it.

4. Easy to use - We know that as a baby grows, they get more and more fussy, which is why our Blanket is the perfect choice for making memories, as it's easy to throw on the bed, on the floor, anywhere. You can easily highlight the current month with blank picture frames, different shapes, and seasonal flowers.

5. Organic Cotton- Our 100 % organic cotton blanket is extra soft and comfortable for your Baby. The first and most important thing in the design of all our products is that they are made of high quality baby-friendly materials, because only high quality materials can touch your baby's sensitive skin.

6. Inventive Gift - A baby is born in your circle of family and friends, and you want to surprise them with a surprise that is sure to be a big hit? Babies grow very quickly, so it's worth giving a surprise that will last. This is one gift that will definitely not be wasted on the new Parents, as the monthly milestone quilt will help you make memories to last a lifetime through the photos.

Baby blanket covers, baby blanket set

We present to you our new waffle baby blankets!

We make two types of double layered baby blankets, a waffle and pile fabric and a waffle and double gauze combination, so you can find the Sophietex baby blanket that's best for you in cold and warmer weather.

Available in 3 beautiful pastel colours: mint, pink and grey

Why is the Sophietex baby blanket a great choice?

  • Our beautiful waffle blanket has a clean style that you'll find really easy to combine with our other colour accessories.
  • A fine, loosely twisted linen knitted fabric made of unbleached yarn, which will really help you to combat the nose in hot weather.
  • A thin, airy spring/summer baby blanket that is perfect for strollers.
  • A special feature of the blanket is that the material is different on each side. The combination of the two materials is the epitome of tenderness and pampering, maximum care for your child.
  • Great for sleeping in a car carrier, bassinet or bassinet, our soft and fluffy blanket will hug your child softly.
  • You can use it to swaddle your baby at first, and later as a blanket. Its large size means it can be used for a very long time.
  • It's lightweight, folds down small and is easy to take with you anywhere, anytime!
  • Our blankets keep you warm and cosy. It absorbs UV rays, so you can protect your baby's skin outdoors.
  • In warmer weather, it keeps your child breezy.
  • Light grey baby blanket is the perfect gift for any newborn baby girl or boy.
  • Anything that comes into contact with your baby's skin should be soft and baby-friendly. Also, it's not a disadvantage if it's easy to wash!
  • Our colour palette is designed to find the perfect piece for both girls and boys.
  • Our unisex colours can easily match your pram, your baby's room, and of course you.

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