Baby-mama wrap for car seat, shopping trolley, high chair, pushchair and breastfeeding

Multifunctional Baby-Mama Shawl
  • Multifunctional 5-in-1 Baby-Mama wrap for car seat, shopping trolley, high chair, stroller and breastfeeding is also super.
  • It's easy to put on and take off, so you can easily see your baby while breastfeeding or while she's in the car seat.
  • Breathable fabric ensures your baby can breathe while breastfeeding or travelling in the carrier!
  • It's lightweight, folds down small and is easy to take with you anywhere, anytime!
  • It is perfect for all seasons and provides protection. Wind, sun and protection against mosquitoes are highlighted.
  • Baby-Mama Shawl is an incredibly practical accessory, a super gift for New Parents.
  • Anything that comes into contact with your baby's skin should be soft and baby-friendly. Also, it's not a disadvantage if it's easy to wash! You can be sure that despite the uses of our wipes, cleaning will not be a problem.
  • With daily use, you can experience how much our Baby-Mama Shawl can help.
  • It provides privacy and flexibility for mothers who breastfeed every day.
Baby-Mama shawl for travel
Thanks to our Baby-Mama wrap, you can keep your baby "safe" during trips or just walks. Babies love the cosy "enclosed" feeling that our wrap provides. It also leaves plenty of space for the car seat handle, allowing air to circulate and light to enter. It also protects your baby from the cold and can make your Everyday more comfortable in the warmer months. It protects your little one from wind, rain and snow and any outside influences that might disturb your baby. Our wrap sends a socially acceptable message that you want to protect your baby from outside influences and prying eyes. Babies have a delicate immune system, with our wrap you can do even more to protect them from unwanted illnesses.

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